Step 1

Visit this link and follow the instructions given for ADFS setup. Use the following for “Realm Identifier” and “Endpoint”:

  • Realm Identifier: 
  • Endpoint:

Step 2

Make sure the default user information is shared through claims mapping:

  • name
  • givenname
  • surname
  • nameidentifier
  • emailaddress

Step 3

We also need a “group” claim that is present in token, so that we can then further map those groups to assign corresponding permissions in our system during the login phase. Those can be edited afterwards if you are using the scripted setup as described in the link above in section 16: “(Optional) Adding additional LDAP attributes”.

Step 4

In order to create a new connection for you on our identity service, we need either the federation metadata as a xml file, or a federation metadata url. Latter is preferred because any changes in federation metadata will be updated automatically if we are using federation metadata url instead of xml file.

Step 5

As soon as this setup is finished we would need a sandbox user created for us on ADFS and an email/password combination shared together with federation metadata, so we can then confirm the integration is working.

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