If you want to run campaigns from OneInsight, you can add these campaigns to OneInsight in the admin interface under “Campaigns”.

To add a campaign, you need to specify the following values:

  • ID: The unique Marketo ID of the smart campaign that OneInsight should run. The ID of the smart campaign can be found in the URL bar of your browser after you have selected the smart campaign in Marketo.
  • Name: The name of the campaign as it will be shown in OneInsight.
  • Description: A description of the campaign that is shown after Sales reps select the campaign in OneInsight so that they verify they’ve selected the right campaign
  • Visibility (not available in all OneInsight instances): You can restrict access to the campaign by any filters that are set up in OneInsight. For example, a campaign might be restricted so that it is only an option for people in a specific country. Multiple values should be separated with commas.
  • Tokens: You can specify one or multiple tokens that will be set when running the campaign. This allows sales staff to personalize messages when sending out an email. Please note that these tokens also need to be set up in Marketo and that links in rich text elements will not be tracked by Marketo (due to Marketo restrictions).
    - ID: The name of the token that was set in Marketo. This ID should include the curly brackets and the “my.” prefix: {{my.NAME}}
    - Name: The name of the token as it will be shown in OneInsight.
    - Default Value: An optional default value
    - Type: OneInsight currently supports Text and Rich Text Tokens.

For OneInsight to run a smart campaign, the trigger “Campaign was requested by Web Service API” needs to be activated in the smart campaign.

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