Understanding groups

Groups or visibility rules are only accessible for enterprise customers.

A user's permissions can be controlled by using roles. You can either assign roles to a user directly or assign roles to groups for more complex permission allocation. A user's permissions are calculated at every login into OneInsight based on the roles and groups the user is assigned to.

Groups also allow admins to specify the people, i.e. leads, that a user can see. The visibility can be set for any Marketo field, so that some users, for example, might only be able to see people from specific countries. These visibility rules can be set up globally. Please contact OneInsight Support for assistance in setting up visibility rules.

Each user is assigned a “default” group that can be modified, but not deleted. This group can be assigned permissions or visibility rules for new users (Single Sign-On or regular users). For Single Sign-On users, the identity provider, e.g. ADFS, can also send a “groups” claim to OneInsight to automatically assign users to other groups. The groups sent from the identity provider are only temporary and are re-evaluated every time a user logs in. These temporary groups are therefore not shown in the list of groups currently assigned to the user.


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