Synching program information to OneInsight

In addition to person and activity data, OneInsight also has built-in program sync which can show all or specific programs and their members directly in OneInsight. The program sync configuration can be found in “Program Management”, and will automatically keep the programs in OneInsight up to date with the programs and their members in Marketo.

You can define what program channels and statuses you’d like to show in OneInsight. To add a channel, click on the “Add channel” button. This will open a dialog where you can select the statuses that should be shown.

Additionally, OneInsight allows you to change a program status for people directly from within the interface. In the “Add channel” overlay, you can select to what statuses a program status can be changed. Please note that OneInsight will also respect the step number defined in Marketo’s admin interface (Tag).

This will allow OneInsight users with relevant permissions to change the program status by clicking on the program icon that is shown for every person in OneInsight.

This opens a dialog with a list of all programs that the person has been a member of in the last 30 days. Clicking on one of these programs shows additional details like the person’s current program status that can also be changed to any status that is defined in the admin interface.

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