Getting to know the User Interface

OneInsight provides sales reps with valuable information before they call or email a person. They can closely examine a person’s details to see which emails they've opened and clicked, which specific web pages they have visited, the forms they’ve submitted and how their score is calculated. This can help the sales organization customize their messaging so that it is relevant to each person’s interests.

The interface is accessible from any CRM system or other third party system and organizes activities into five groups — interesting moments, web, email, form and scoring. All activities are updated every 30 minutes and cached on OneInsight’s servers to allow for a seamless transition and provide sales reps a better user experience.

OneInsight allows different permissions and filter criteria to be set for each user and thus restrict which persons and activities a sales rep can access.

A chart of all activities shows the number of interactions a person had within the last 30 days.

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